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Terms and conditions of partner recruitment:
. Registration and application for cooperation with Arisa Tejarat Apadana Company is done only electronically and through this site. Therefore, the requests or documents sent by mail or in person will not be processed and will not create an obligation for Arisa Tejarat Apadana.
· All applicants must ensure the registration and uploading of the photo and all the required documents in the registration form and its successful submission.
· The time of the interview will be announced to the applicants by phone or email after the initial evaluations and in accordance with the jobs required by Arisa Tejarat Apadana Company.
Registration and participation in the interview does not create any employment obligation for Arisa Tejarat Apadana.

We hope that we will be proud of the cooperation and use of the capacities of both sides.
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Management of Arisa Tejarat Apadana Company